FaceUp Matching

FaceUp Matching

Introducing Autism Labs™ FaceUp Matching™, a new game designed to help individuals with autism or other learning disabilities associate everyday objects with their names and pronunciations.

FaceUp Matching ships with photographs of turtles, spoons, corn and other familiar animals and objects to test the learners ability to match identical objects and reward correct matches with simple, but effective animations to reinforce learning.

FaceUp in action

You can tailor FaceUp Matching to specific needs such as sensitivity to sound or distraction by toggling sounds or animations. Also you can change difficulty by setting the number of  cards, showing or hiding text, or choosing the type of match sound to play.

We created this game because many existing card-matching games on the AppStore included a memory element that can be very challenging for those with trouble associating images and words while battling short attention spans. Our game also targets older individuals who may find most similar applications lean very heavily towards a younger crowd.

You can grab FaceUp Matching on the AppStore today. As always, please send us your feedback! Having problems? Send us a line at support@autismlabs.com

We’d like to thank Nathan, our designer and developer, for putting together this app. We’d also like to credit the many contributors of photos used in FaceUp Matching:

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