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New iPad App: FaceUp Matching

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of our first mobile application, Autism Labs™ FaceUp Matching™ for the iPad.

FaceUp Matching

FaceUp Matching helps hone visual and listening skills by showing a group of real-world photographs of everyday things and reinforcing correct choices with sound and sight cues. With kitchen utensils, cats, dogs and many others, the images stimulate learning with familiar objects without distracting gimmicks or cartoon images.

Beginners can start with errorless learning and match the card to a single card choice. For the more advanced, more card choices can be presented. The word associated with each card to be matched is pronounced as the card is presented. The number of card choices presented and even the card images themselves can be customized. Because individuals with autism are sometimes very sound sensitive, sounds effects can be selected from a set or can be turned on or off as needed.

This app was designed and developed by parents and siblings of young adults with developmental disabilities. We’ve put it through the gauntlet courtesy of a young man with autism and I-D. We hope other individuals with developmental disabilities will be able to enjoy it too.

Get it on the App Store!